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Thanks for taking a minute to read this.

● Be assured a wonderful human being will receive and read your order, and then ship as you direct.

●If you have special instructions for any item or want special shipping - please type a note in any Text box on your shopping cart page.

●That said - we ship only via UPS and US Post. See below for more information.

● We DO NOT charge your card until your order is ready to ship.

● if you have any questions contact us:

●Monday, Wednesday or Friday 11am- 1 pm

● 360.385.1080 ●

● or email ●

● UPS or US MAIL ●

Sorry - No Fed X

If US MAIL is your shipping preference make a note of that in any text box on your shopping cart checkout page. Handling charges are $2 to $10+ more for US mail - depending on packaging, we must insure your goods, and buy proof of mailing.

US mail / parcel post is good for shipments to: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales ,Scandinavia, Australia and Canada. All other countries will be shipped UPS or US Mail Express. Why? Because UPS and US Mail Express moves goods very fast and has a more secure delivery routine,and rarely loses a package, Also your package is handled more gently - especially our long skinny packages with splicing wands in them.

... UPS to a street address - Anywhere
... U.S. Post to U.S. PO Boxes ... U.S. Post- your permission required.

...U.S. Express Mail International
...U.S. Priority Mail International
...U.S. Post - your permission required. ...UPS anywhere

...U.S. Express Mail International
...U.S. Priority Mail International
...U.S. Post to many countries -your emailed permission required. ...UPS anywhere

Thanks Again!