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DVD 4-Set Special

"All four of our most popular videos...for only $100 * Making Your Own Eye Splices * Inspecting Your Rig * Going Aloft and; * Tuning Your Rig. $116 Value

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CD We Need to Sing

This is a collection of favorite songs by Patsy Thompson - the better half of Tony Latimer and the songbird of the sensational folk and Chantey pair. Patsy played these songs with dear friends on the night of Sept 11th - it was their way of wrapping their arms around a world in sorrow. Uplifting stories in song and memories from childhood,of friends gone on, and of our young lovers and golden lovers of later years. I play this in the afternoon with tea and cookies. Your purchase supports this fabulous artist and brings her and Tony back to PT and home concerts with all of us sharing a rollicking great time!

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CD Salt Over My Shoulder

Fabulous - we play this all the time. Tony Latimer has a rich and booming voice for those chanteys we love to sing and smile along. These are all songs he wrote or co-wrote with his songbird wife - Patsy Thompson. Tony and Patsy are out cruising down south Mexico way - - we hold a house concert every time they come to Port Townsend - will let you know when. In the meantime - this helps pad their cruising kitty.

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DVD - 25 Knots

This is the companion DVD to Basic Knots-Book 1 in the Working Rope Series. A great learning tool.

The photographer shot Brion's hands from over Brion's shoulder - so when you look at the screen - your hands could do exactly what Brion's hands do.

Plus Brion explains what each knot is used for and how to apply it.

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DVD - Fancy Ropework Collection - 3 in 1 DVD set

"The complete set of Fancy Work dvds are now available for one great low price.

Disc #1 This dvd covers the basic knots necessary in creating fancy work, including two turk's heads, a button knot suitable for three and four stands, and a variety of covering hitches. 45 min

Disc #2 Increasing the complexity of the knots and builds on Volume I's basics. It includes among others the 5-strand star knot button, the 3-strand braid and the Matthew Walker knot. 90min.

Disc #3 This dvd is the most ambitious of this series and includes the 6-strand round sinnet, the rare diamond lanyard knot, the window maze diamond button, and the crowning fancy work achievement - a bell rope. 90 min.

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DVD - Going Aloft

"People tend to be either nonchalant about working aloft, or terrified of it.

This dvd lays down safety procedures - some obvious - once stated, some subtle - to make leaving the deck a safer, easier exercise.

Topics include:

  • chairs & harnesses
  • deck crew protocol
  • essential knots
  • belaying techniques
  • aspects of mental attitude 60 min.

    See the 3- and 4-Set dvd Specials for SUPER SAVINGS!"

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  • DVD - Inspecting Your Rig

    "Learn about the impact of age, climate, tune and fatigue on a boat's rig.

    Learn to survey by following the flow of forces in a rig.

    Take a dock walk with Brion to

  • spot good & bad rigging in a typical marin
  • shortcomings in roller furling
  • deck layout and wire terminals.

    This dvd won't replace professional surveys, but will expose you to frequently missed rig flaws. 90 min.

    See the 3- and 4-Set Video Specials for SUPER SAVINGS! "

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  • DVD - Installing Sta-Locks

    "Sta-Loks are extremely strong and corrosive-resistant wire terminals.

    The are readily disassembled for survey, and are reusable --thus less expensive in the long run than swages.

    As simple as these fittings are, there are many details that can go wrong, and a lot of professional tricks to make things go right.

    This dvd covers all you need to know for pain-free assembly, plus valuable tips on wire length, tang and turnbuckle compatibility, specialized options, and more. 30 min.

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    DVD - Making Your Own Eye Splices

    "This is our densest dvd, packed with almost 3 hours of clear, easy-to-remember instructions for splicing every commonly used rope.

    Splices covered include:

  • Double Braid Eye Splice
  • Sta-set X Eye Splice
  • 3-Strand Eye Splice
  • Regatta Braid Eye Splice
  • Double Braid End to End Splice
  • Spectra Eye Splice
  • Naked Spectra Eye Splice
  • 3-Strand to Chain Splice
  • Arborist Rope Eye Splice.

    Featuring Brion Toss' Splicing Wand and the Point Hudson Phid. 140 min.

    See the 3- and 4-Set DVD Specials for Super Savings!"

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  • Wire

    DVD - Splicing Wire Rope

    In this DVD Brion demonstrates wire rope splicing using 7x7 wire and featuring the Liverpool Eye Splice

    Techniques also apply to splicing 7x19 wire rope.

    90 mins.

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    DVD - String Magic

    Brion, kids and teachers love this DVD!

    This video covers three classic cut and restore string tricks.

    You'll learn basic technique, sly details, and the value of an amusing (and distracting) line of patter.

    Whether you are a hobbiest, a sailor, a magic enthusiast - you'll get more than a smile and a chuckle from this dvd.

    You will also learn several classic sleight-of-hand magic tricks using the most commonly available commodity - string!

    You will enjoy a performance of each trick with "patter" followed by a behind-the-scenes explaination.

    Trick #1 - The classic cut-and-restore. Cut a tring an it magicaly mends itself.

    Trick #2 - An entertaining variation of the cut-and-restore, mending a cut string in one's mouth.

    Trick #3 - "The Professor's Nightmare". How can three pieces of string all the same length one moment suddenly change to three different lengths??? 25 min.

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    DVD - Tuning Your Rig

    Having a properly tuned rig increases longevity, performance and comfort afloat, and makes sailing less work.

    This dvd covers:

  • orientation to wire & rope properties
  • Brion's famous bungy rig demo
  • dockside tuning cruising yachts
  • 3 methods of rig tension
  • the Toss Turnbuckle Tightenting Technique
  • dynamic tuning under sail.

    You'll be astounded at the difference in your vessel after you apply these simple adjustments. 75 min.

    See the 3- and 4-Set Video Specials for SUPER SAVINGS!"

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  • DVD 3-Set Special

    Your choice of three of our most popular dvds...for only $80!

    Choose from

  • Making Your Own Eye Splices
  • Going Aloft
  • Inspecting Your Rig
  • Tuning Your Rig
  • 25 Knots
  • Installing Sta-Loks

    Please specify which 3 DVDs you want in the comments section of the order page.

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  • Gift Certificate

    Gift Certificates are available in $100 dollar increments.Please enter your gift amount in the text box below "gift certificate" on your shopping cart order page. We will verify your order by email.

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