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  To blend the ageless wisdom of traditional rigging with the materials and   applications of modern day. We work with our clients to provide rigging services of the highest standard and specialize in preparing vessels and their owners for extended cruising and offshore voyages.   photo by Wayne Rice


Let's get your job started!

Consultation or Rig Survey always proceeds a Rigging job

email Brion your boat's rigging details, & appropriate photos. Please request an appointment via . 

Also send your preferred start and end dates.

Brion will respond to your email asap and schedule a consulation on line, by phone, and plan to meet you at your boat or our loft in Port Townsend.


       Rigging Services:                   

In addition to writing books, making videos, and selling useful rigging tools, we run a Full-Service Rigging Loft in PortTownsend.

We provide both modern and traditional rigging of the highest quality.






Rigging Survey:

$ 325 - 425 * Single-mast -LOA under 40 ft.


$ 425 - 625 * Double-mast -LOA under 40 ft.       

Boats over 40’ are charged by the hour over the two hours allotted for survey.


  • Assessment of your boat's current rigging systems - including aloft *, running rigging, standing rigging, masts, mast head, mast step, spreaders, stays, sheets, travelers, reefing, furling, chainplates... your rigging system.
  • In depth examination of shrouds and metal hardware, targeting metal fatigue, crevice corrosion, galvanic corrosion, and quality of metallurgy.
  • A written report and free review of our findings along with recommendations.
  • Once the survey is complete, post-survey consultations, billed by the hour, are available for clients who require an even deeper level of information.
  • The onboard  portion of a survey can be accomplished in two hours. Additional time billed by 1/4 hour. 
  • Owner need not be present for survey.



*All of our surveys include a trip to the masthead. This, along with our expertise and  detailed  written reports, sets us apart from many "surveyors".


     EMERGENCY rigging work of any kind  =  time and one half.

Washington State law regarding overtime labor applies to all our jobs.


Consultation:  Brion  - $120 per hour  (1/2 hour minimum)  

We prefer to make an appointment with you. 
But, we are always willing to confer & charge for walk-in questions and consultation... time allowing.


Rig Tune:   Brion  - $120 per hour . Time required - i.e. one mast  30'  – 1- 4 hours - depending on continuous or discontinuous rigging and number of shrouds and stays.

Larger boats with larger more complicated rigs - It is often cost effective to bring an additonal rigger to assist Brion at BTYR Contract Rigger rate $85.

Splicing:  These are estimated costs at  BTYR shop rates - We charge by the 1/4 hour - does not include travel.       


Optimal Rope-to-Chain Splice               $ 90 -160   Please bring your chain to our shop - in a travel/dock cart is best. Or, we will come to your boat - on board splicing is more time consuming - though sometime's necessary.


Sta-Set-X, Brait, Mega-Braid                  $ 45   

Double -Braid, Core-to-Core Splice       $ 45

3 -Strand Splice or  Brummel Splice       $ 35  


NOTE: We prefer not to splice used rope - for many reasons. But if we agree to work on your used rope - we will ask you to first wash it with soap flakes. Put the coiled gasket of rope (see instructions in the Rigger's Apprentice) in the washing machine on gentle cycle, rinse well, add fabric softener, rinse well again. Then undo the coil and loop it around the garage to dry or take it outside and do the same. Now your rope will be soft and much nicer to handle.

Travel:          $75 per hour per rigger + mileage + ferry expenses


     EMERGENCY rigging work of any kind  =  time and one half.

Washington State law regarding overtime labor applies to all our jobs.


Photos of Rigging Projects:

Earthquake Refit - Capitol Dome Chandelier, Olympia, WA

Falls of Clyde project - Downrigging a 4 mast ship

Stepping a Mast

ELISSA is truly Brion's favorite vessel. He worked as a rigger on Elissa during the winter of 1984 and returns after 26 years, having last seen her sailing into New York Harbor for the Statue of Liberty dedication 1976. Early in June 2010, Brion visited the 1877 Historic Barque Elissa - jewel of the Texas Seaport Museum, in Galveston, Texas. Brion visited with old friends and inspected parts of the rigging aboard Elissa.

While Brion was in Galveston, he showed a special slide and film show

down rig of another gallant ship - The Falls of Clyde.


Falls of Clyde is berthed in Honolulu and is the last surviving iron-hulled, four masted full rigged ship.

Down Rig of the 1878 Falls of Clyde

It is quite a story and a great slide show. We hope to show it to many other groups throughout the coming year. Let us know if your group would be interested.



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