Brion Toss Yacht Riggers






Brion has over 30 years of stage, arborist, industrial, and yacht rigging experience. 

In 1978 he established Brion Toss Yacht Riggers Inc., a yacht rigging company in Port Townsend, Washington that specializes in rigging cruising vessels for offshore voyages. He has rigged everything from small daysailers and racing yachts to large square-riggers. Brion regularly consults on rig design, layout, fabrication, and installation of rigging for naval architects, boat builders, and yacht owners. Perhaps you have another special rigging project in mind...

Please email us: or give us a call 360.385.1080. Send as much information as you can about your rig and sailing plans.

We will gather further details about your project, collect payment information, and schedule your consultation.Consultation with Brion is $120 an hour. We charge a half hour minimum.

For short rigging questions - post to SparTalk ( on our menu above ) and see what a great community of knowledge awaits you there. And of course to to broaden your rigging knowledge - read Brion's books and check out his list reading list under EDUCATION on the menu bar...and scroll to the very bottom of that page. And for goodness sake email Brion at for a consulation before you really need one!