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We are located in the Sail Loft building at the Point Hudson Marina

at the very north end of  Water Street (the main drag) of our beautiful  Port Townsend,

at the Northern most point of the Olympic Penninsula in Washington state.

313 Jackson Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368
Latitude 48 07' 00" North
Longitude 122 45' 06" West


  Monday – Thursday

 8 am – 1 pm

   or by appointment 

 Email  to make an appointment


  ~ afternoons are for paperwork and design work - so we stay current & sane ~ 

Closed Friday


Contact Us

We are usually out on boats, aloft or with our hands full - so please email when you can.  


Brion Toss, Head Rigger 

Please email Brion directly - - for an appointment  - you can meet in person, on the phone or on-line.

Rigging Work  We are currently booking re-rigs 4 to 6 weeks out....but if your rigging job is small or something we can work around...we will slip you into the calendar. 

Consultations - Include photos and specs and phone number.   Brion will email or call you to confirm your request and credit card info and will start asap.  Note - for short questions- for which we do not charge  GO TO > SPARTALK above.

Surveys and Tuning -  include date and times you are available, where you will have your boat and your planned sail away date.  Note - Travel rates apply...bringing your boat to PT is often a good idea.



Workshops & Catalog Sales - DVDs, Books, Rigging Tools, Climbing Gear, Shipping

          Sue Hanke, Shipping Service 


Christian Gruye, Director  

      Shop message phone 360-385-1080  


Driving Directions:

Ferrys are red dashed lines. 

If you have trouble with these images.... this map is found at

Arriving Port Townsend on the ferry from Whidbey Island:

Drive off the ferry and turn right onto Water Street.

           - Go to theVERY end of Water street





- Now you must turn left or run into the water of Point Hudson Marina.

- Continue to the 3rd building (tall, white, long)...We are the red awning over black french doors.

Arriving Port Townsend from the hill on the south:

          - continue down the long curving hill ...through the 1st stop light ...passing Safeway on your left and past the boat  yard on your right ...

- through the 2nd stop light ...passing our wonderful Food Coop on your left ( low natural wood building with clematis and roses,

......and great organic food and treats!) ...and the giant corscrew willow tree on your right....

- continue on along the waterfront and past the ferry landing ...

- and past the beautiful brick buildings of downtown...                                                                                                        

- untill you get to the VERY end of Water Street .

- Now you must turn left  (Jackson Street) or run into the water of Point Hudson Marina.

- Continue200 yards to the 3rd building (tall, white, long)...We are the red awning over black french doors.

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