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Fancywork and Knots



Fancy work Kit & Bag

This kit includes everything that the new or experienced fancy work enthusiast needs:

  • our new Fancy Work Collection DVD (Parts 1-3)
  • The Marlinspike Sailor Book written by Hervey Garrett Smith,
  • our Japanese Marlinspike,
  • 1 lb. spool of Seine Twine,
  • a spool of whipping twine
  • one sailmaker's needle.
  • All in our Awesome Rigger's Bag - with our Beautiful BTYR Logo!.

    This is a $279.00 value.

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  • CreataiveropecraftGrainger.jpg

    Book - Creative Ropecraft

    by Stuart Grainger - Fourth Edition!

      Practical and decorative knots and ropework and more sinnit than you will every use.

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    Book - Ashley Book of KNOTS

    The best. Also the biggest, most comprehensive collection of hundreds and hundreds of knots with nearly 7000 drawings.

    The most jaw dropping gift you could give to a mariner or a knotting enthusiast.

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    Book - Knot Craft

    by Des Pawson 28 Ropework projects - This gem of a book will show you how to put knots together to make a very desirable object

  • binocular strap
  • bow fender
  • shackle release lanyard

    and Christian's favorite for her 1909 classic - Hitching over a plastic fender. Very classy!

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  • marlingspikesailorimage.jpg

    Book - Marlinspike Sailor

    by Hervey Garrett Smith - The classic reference for the sailor's arts in natural or synthetic rope.


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    Book - Knots for Boaters by Brion Toss

    TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - "A Chapman`s Nautical Guide by Brion Toss. There are a lot of knot books around, but this is the only one that focuses on those knots, new & old, which are most useful in contemporary life; takes the nature of synthetic line into account (many once useful knots just won't work under high loads in slick line); and shows knots in ways that are designed to be easy to learn and remember. Still a very good source - with all of the following and more: Basic Knots, Fancy Knots, Working Knots, Belays and 3 strand splicing. Soft cover. pp 192."

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    DVD - 25 Knots

    This is the companion DVD to Basic Knots-Book 1 in the Working Rope Series. A great learning tool.

    The photographer shot Brion's hands from over Brion's shoulder - so when you look at the screen - your hands could do exactly what Brion's hands do.

    Plus Brion explains what each knot is used for and how to apply it.

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    DVD - Fancy Ropework Collection - 3 in 1 DVD set

    "The complete set of Fancy Work dvds are now available for one great low price.

    Disc #1 This dvd covers the basic knots necessary in creating fancy work, including two turk's heads, a button knot suitable for three and four stands, and a variety of covering hitches. 45 min

    Disc #2 Increasing the complexity of the knots and builds on Volume I's basics. It includes among others the 5-strand star knot button, the 3-strand braid and the Matthew Walker knot. 90min.

    Disc #3 This dvd is the most ambitious of this series and includes the 6-strand round sinnet, the rare diamond lanyard knot, the window maze diamond button, and the crowning fancy work achievement - a bell rope. 90 min.

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    DVD - String Magic

    Brion, kids and teachers love this DVD!

    This video covers three classic cut and restore string tricks.

    You'll learn basic technique, sly details, and the value of an amusing (and distracting) line of patter.

    Whether you are a hobbiest, a sailor, a magic enthusiast - you'll get more than a smile and a chuckle from this dvd.

    You will also learn several classic sleight-of-hand magic tricks using the most commonly available commodity - string!

    You will enjoy a performance of each trick with "patter" followed by a behind-the-scenes explaination.

    Trick #1 - The classic cut-and-restore. Cut a tring an it magicaly mends itself.

    Trick #2 - An entertaining variation of the cut-and-restore, mending a cut string in one's mouth.

    Trick #3 - "The Professor's Nightmare". How can three pieces of string all the same length one moment suddenly change to three different lengths??? 25 min.

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    Fancy Work Trio

    The Fancy Work Trio will take you from the basic knots into the more complicated. To get you started, this kit includes:

  • Fancy Ropework Collection 3 in 1 dvd
  • Our Japanese Marlingspike
  • One lb roll of tarred twine

    Makes a perfect gift for that creative hands- on person. Need not be a sailor to love this art!

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  • Knot Kit


    ● Great gift for kids of all ages.

    ● Teachers love this tool - make a gift to your child's school library.

    What you get: ● "25 Basic Knots" DVD

    Brion's latest DVD was filmed looking over his shoulder - so you see Brion's hands in front of you on the screen - make your hands do exactly the same & voila a perfect knot, bend, belay, hitch, slipknot,

    ● "Knots"- a companion book to the "25 Basic Knot's DVD. Written by Brion Toss

    ●One each - 3 foot length of braided rope for practice- colorful whipped ends will not fray. We will arrange to ship more lengths of braided rope for your entire class.

    ● Please be in touch.

    ● $4.00 per each -3 foot length of braided rope with beautiful, colorful whipped ends will not fray, and will last many, many years of knot practice!

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    new hand spikes IMG_6885.JPG

    Marlinspike - 4 inch overall w/Varnished Handle

    "A 4 inch version of our popular hand spike of the BEST quality steel, with duck bill point for smooth insertion. Small enough for tiny line, strong enough for splicing steel wire. Solid wood handle - shaped to your hand & varnished

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    Marlingspike - 6 inch overall w/Varnished Handle

    A sturdy 6 inch spike of the Best quality steel, with duck bill point for smooth insertion. Small enough for tiny line, strong enough for splicing steel wire. Solid wood varnished handle.

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    Drew Style Spike 8"/Marlingspike

    A shorter length of our popular Drew style spike - but just as elegant...and perhaps better for your use or your hand.

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    Riggers Bag

    This is our beautiful and durable Rigger's Bag with our colorful and handsome Brion Toss Logo.

    -weight Natural or BLACK canvas.

    -many pockets inside - wide and narrow to slip tools into.

    -adjustable straps to carry as a bag or backpack.

    -zips open completely to lay on your work bench.

    -also zips open to hang flat on your shop wall with all your tools at hand.

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    Tarred Seine Twine 30

    "Tarred Seine Twine is the ideal string. It is fairly chaif resistant, extemely weather resistant, and does not slip. It can be used for service, seizings, lanyards, lashings, emergency repairs, gaskets making of lost wax jewelry, and fishing to name a few. "

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    Tarred Seine Twine 36


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    Tarred Seine Twine 42

    name a few. "

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    Tarred Seine Twine 48


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    Tarred Seine Twine 60


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    Whipping Twine - many colors

    Keep your rope ends from fraying - finish the job - whip them with a palm and needle whipping or a double constrictor knot (pg. 78 in the Rigger's Apprentice). Mark them distinctly and traditionally with your choice - Dark Red, Dark Green, Deep Blue, White, or Gold. Also great for tying up very small packages.

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    Gift Certificate

    Gift Certificates are available in $100 dollar increments.Please enter your gift amount in the text box below "gift certificate" on your shopping cart order page. We will verify your order by email.

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