Brion Toss Yacht Riggers

Fair Leads   I originally wanted to call this section "Pieces of string too short to save", after the punch line of a Maine story about a notable packrat, who had a box in his attic with that label on it. The idea is that you don't throw things away just because there's no apparent use for them. In this context, there are a whole bunch of items that we don't sell, and ideas that aren't in any of our books or tapes, and even things that have nothing to do with rigging at all, but are too nifty or unusual or odd to ignore.

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June 2009 Jacob's Letter
March 2009 When Should I/Why Should I Take the Mast Out?
March/April 2006 Mooring Lines
January/February 2006 Parrels
September/October 2005 The Canned Ham Incident
July/August 2005 Adventures In Maintenance, Part 1
March/April 2005 Three Chainplates
January/February 2005 Old Ways
November/December 2004 For Want of a Nail
September/October 2004 High-Modulus Rope and the Marlingspike Sailor
May/June 2004 Bright Ideas
March/April 2004 Sundeer
January/February 2004 The Tools We Carry
November/December 2003 How to Keep Your Jib Furler Alive
September/October 2003 16 Main Maxims
July/August 2003 How to Get Power from a Pulley
May/June 2003 Blockmaking
March/April 2003 Piracy
January/February 2003 Rig Surveys
November/December 2002 Walking the Mast
September/October 2002 Barges and Bowlines
April 2002 Changing Spreaders
March 2002 Flares
January 2002 The Client From Hell
Fall 2001 Knots in High Modulus Ropes
March 2001 Rig Survey: A Systems Approach
December 2000 Questions for Brion Toss
July 2000 The Metric System: Pidgin Measurement
March/April 2000 Cross-Pollinated Rigging
January/February 2000 Reputation
October 1999 Sad News From Aloft
September 1999 Measuring The Gang
August 1999 Things That Can Go Wrong, Part 2
July 1999 Surveyors Don't Know Jack About Rigging
June 1999 Maintenance Notes, Mast and Standing Rigging
May 1999 Riggerous Fitness
April 1999 Why Double Backstays Are Evil
March 1999 Things That Can Go Wrong, Part 1
February 1999 How Often Should I Replace My Standing Rigging?
January 1999 Exotic Ropes
December 1998 Practical Ideas from the Seven Seas Cruising Association Convention
November 1998 To Engineer Is Human
October 1998 Big Holes, Little Pins
September 1998 Exotic Extraction
August 1998 "this-has-been-bugging-me-for-twenty-years-and-some-
July 1998 Introduction to Fair Leads