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Originally Posted by Stumble View Post
I can't tell you how they made theirs, but this is how I would have made mine had hardware instead of lashings.

Using amsteel blue
1) tapered bury splice with lock stitching both ends of the life lines.

2) luggage tag one end around the bow pulpit. I did it around the bow pulpit tubing, not the stainless rod by the way.

3) run the lifelines

4) luggage tag the other end onto a stainless eye bolt

5) thread the eye bolt onto a Johnson snap gate hook

On the non-gate hook side of the lifeline, the last splice is made over a sailmakers thimble that the gate hook attaches too.

Personally I just found that eliminating hardware was too seductive when faced with the option, and it really drove the price down too.

Alternatively you can use a McDonaly method brummel splice, that only requires one end of the line. See instructions at
Thank you for this it sounds like what my boyfriend was looking for so i've printed out the insurance for rented properties and will see when he gets home

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