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Originally Posted by Stumble View Post

The recomendation is a pretty loose lock stitch (with three full stitches a side). I haven't destruction testing them, but I have made the first pass through the side of the bury at the eye, and going down two braids per stitch. So far I haven't had one start to pull, though I am just now starting to put them into regular service, so I will report back when I see any results.

Personally I just am not happy with my brummel splices since they always seem to be made too loose and start to separate pretty early on, though I have considered stitching them as well. It just seems a bit of over kill.
I have destruction tested a line with a brummel eye in one end and a lock stitch eye in the other. The line broke in the middle, away from either eye. I use which either one I feel like using at the moment knowing either are stronger than the rope.

I spliced up a bridal today and used brummels and luggage tag hitches on the ends. It was not possible on the last end so I did a lock stitch, pre-threading the luggage tag hitch before doing the bury and stitch.

Personally I prefer the lock stitch but in some cases the brummel is easier to do.

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